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Regulatory Delivery

Supporting your delivery of regulations efficiently and effectively in clean operational solutions that stand the test of time.
Delivering on regulations takes all of the data disciplines that come through a good DataOps approach. Kinaesis consultants have seen greater than 50% improvement in the time to deliver regulations by leveraging DataOps effectively. Imagine being able to implement twice as many at half the cost. How much of your precious time and budget could you then apply to doing more business?
Regulatory Response
Move with speed and precision to hit regulatory deadlines whilst building a foundation that provides leverage to maximise returns on mandatory investments.

Responding to regulatory initiatives has become a huge consumer of investment and talent in all major financial firms since the financial crisis that began in 2007 / 2008. The majority of regulatory initiatives have required bringing together data across silos and righting data and information wrongs, that have built up over many years. Kinaesis methodologies help our clients to act with urgency and precision. Kinaesis are regulatory initiative implementation experts. Our tools speed up delivery and our expertise delivers successful compliance.

Regulatory Response - BCBS239
Leverage and maximise the value from your BCBS 239 data management compliance investment.

BCBS 239⁺ is the opportunity to review your BCBS 239 implementation and to benchmark this against best practice utilising our unique experience and insights. Following this benchmarking process, we will convert the output into a set of practical recommendations and a roadmap to leverage and maximise value from your BCBS 239 compliant data management approach.

Practical GDPR Solutions
The Practical Approach to GDPR - Data Protection Bill.

At Kinaesis, we believe in a hands on, delivery focused approach to delivery challenges. Our GDPR methods are no exception. We see the GDPR in the context of many other recent regulatory initiatives and can apply the same results-oriented expertise to GDPR that we’ve applied to BCBS239, FRTB, MiFID II and many others. GDPR is daunting at first sight, however, like all other regulations, we can break compliance down into stages and the maturity of those stages can be measured objectively.