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Applying our DataOps principles to your existing systems to unlock added value and make them work better than you could imagine.
Migration to the cloud, decommissioning those legacy systems, fixing your small data challenges, or implementing a programme to improve your delivery capabilities. Leveraging DataOps tools and techniques makes this much simpler and works in a way that is consistent with the latest software practices. Data projects get big quickly, the art to making progress is being able to break them down into measurable and deliverable work items. These need to be structured in the right way to enable you to build momentum through incremental progress and feedback. Kinaesis consultants are able to work with you on you complex projects to improve performance and reduce the cost of your data and analytics initiatives.
Cloud Migration
Leveraging the flexible and powerful capabilities of the cloud to deliver greater performance at a reduced cost of ownership.

It is accepted practice that to properly leverage cloud computing to add value you need to do more than lift and shift your infrastructure. This requires you to breakdown your existing processes methodically and efficiently. Leveraging years of experience in delivering innovative solutions through the application of DataOps tools and techniques Kinaesis is able to help you.

EUC Simplification
Insight and knowledge are gained from a combination of enterprise data and small data therefore you need to have a good strategy for both.

Small data is key to enabling organisations to answer questions and build processes efficiently and effectively. It moves quickly and is generated almost unknowingly within spreadsheets and replicated through email. This quickly leads to siloed, inconsistent, and error prone processes that keep senior management up at night. Kinaesis have a wealth of experience in bringing these processes under control and decommissioning them. Our consultants can define and assess the current state, analyse existing processes, design solutions, and prioritise activities. Our tools and techniques are proven to achieve this 50% faster and with a greater success rate than legacy approaches.

Legacy Decommissioning
Upgrading and migrating your legacy processes to improved processes.

Data is often trapped inside legacy systems in formats and technologies that do not lend themselves to digital innovation. The task of migrating them to new technologies and processes is complicated and hard. In our experience legacy systems have only 20% useful data and then a lot of legacy tables and out of date information. How do you identify the useful set of data and how do you migrate this in a seamless way that maintains your operations? We apply our DataOps methodology to migrate and update legacy to new technologies efficiently and effectively.

SDLC improvements
Adding our DataOps six IMPACT pillars to your SDLC will improve your delivery on Data Projects.

Many software delivery lifecycles are based on delivering software. Delivering data projects has some key differences you need to have the skills and the capabilities in your teams to tackle. The DataOps methodology, templates and approaches have been proven to build the right solutions that gain customer satisfaction at reduced risk and greater efficiency. We have worked with many leading organisations in enhancing their delivery through DataOps to achieve outstanding results helping them to reskill and supporting them on the journey.