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At Kinaesis we believe that governance should add value to your organisation therefore our DataOps approach is focused on an integrated approach.
We use lean principles to focus your governance efforts on defining meaningful metadata which leads to better knowledge and insight, ultimately improving data literacy and understanding. Kinaesis will not only improve project delivery, but to also improve collaboration and momentum of data projects across the enterprise. By using lean principles to focus your governances efforts on the work required to implement meaningful metadata that provides knowledge and insight and improves data literacy and understanding. Kinaesis has been able to not only improve project delivery, but to also improve collaboration and momentum of data projects across the enterprise.
Knowing where you are in comparison to where you want to be is the first step in moving forwards.

Join many of our clients in gaining incredible value from a short engagement to measure where you are with your data and analytics governance projects, or programmes. This first step in the journey is a cost effective way of uncovering the truth about what you need to do to move forwards. Delivered by industry experts our assessments have been highly valued as a means to establishing the steps to improving data practices and building business cases for the work that you need to implement.

Strategy and Design
Taking the assessment one step further and mapping out the governance landscape to deliver on the strategic vision.

When you need a helping hand from industry experts to establish the architecture and design your governance programme to realise your vision. Leveraging years of experience in delivering analytics and reporting as well as well established IP and accelerators to build a roadmap to confidently deliver the results that you want to achieve.

Data Mapping and Discovery
Understand your data landscape with an engagement to map and discover your data, identify who uses it and what it is used for.

We use the latest tools and techniques to run analysis on your data estate to gain better insight into usage. The output of this then allows us to translate information about your data into business meaningful outcomes. From this you can understand bottlenecks, areas of risk and map your important processes to make sure that your investment is in the right places.

Data Governance Framework
Leverage Kinaesis experience, accelerators and resources to deliver data governance that works in the way that you work.

Data governance frameworks are only as good as the effort organisations are prepared to put into them. Many see governance as a tax to their value-add day jobs rather than value-add in itself. We help you implement a DataOps data governance framework that achieves positive outcomes for the organisation and engages rather than impedes people.