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Deliver the latest analytics from reporting and dashboarding to machine learning and artificial intelligence efficiently and effectively through DataOps.
Leveraging the latest tools and techniques to gain insight relies on good data disciplines, iterative delivery, and good data engineering. Our consultants have implemented 100s of solutions for the largest organisations and leverage the latest methodology to achieve amazing results. Approximately 80% of data and analytics projects fail to deliver on the original expectations of their stakeholders and ultimately many never reach production. Through the discipline of our DataOps methodology, our world class consultants have reliably and successfully delivered many solutions on time and to budget, in the process exceeding customer’s expectations. Following a short 8 week engagement with one of our clients they remarked "This is the best thing that we have had in 2 years”.
Knowing where you are in comparison to where you want to be is the first step in moving forwards.

Join many of our clients and gain incredible value from a short engagement to measure where you are with your data, analytics, or governance projects and programmes. This first step in the journey is a cost effective way of uncovering the truth about what you need to do to move forwards. Delivered by industry experts our assessments have been highly valued as a means to establishing the steps to improving data practices and building business cases for the work that you need to implement.

Strategy and Design
Taking the assessment one step further and mapping out the governance landscape to deliver on the strategic vision for data and analytics.

When you need a helping hand from industry experts to establish the architecture and design your governance programme to realise your vision. Leveraging years of experience in delivering analytics and reporting as well as well established IP and accelerators to build a roadmap to confidently deliver the results that you want to achieve.

Analytics Delivery
Leverage expertise and oversight from a leading DataOps consultancy to jump start your project delivery.

Delivering data and analytics projects is hard. It takes a set of skills and experience that you may not natively have in your organisation. With over 84 successful project deliveries for some of the largest organisations in the world tackling some of their greatest challenges and helping them to deliver crucial game changing solutions, Kinaesis should be your partner of choice.

Single Customer View
Understanding and responding to your customer's needs has never been more important.

Being able to understand your potential and existing customers and providing that bespoke service that answers their needs at the right time and in the right way is the key to growth. With more choice and more access to relevant information it is more important than ever to be able to provide accurate analytics on your customers and be able to turn that into value add services and solutions that meet their needs and expectations.