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We use our DataOps methodology to help you deliver those challenging projects by providing consulting services using world class DataOps consultants. We know that delivering data and analytics projects is hard and many projects at large organisations fail for a wide range of reasons. Kinaesis consultants are here to help by applying years of knowledge and experience to your projects and leveraging our latest DataOps thinking to enhance your existing processes and methodologies. We have a wide range of accelerators and templates to provide you with that much needed boost when you need it most. Our delivery approach can be tailored to your project’s requirement, ranging from advisory to start-to-finish implementation.
Applying our DataOps principles to your existing systems to unlock value and make them work better than you could imagine.

Migration to the cloud, decommissioning those legacy systems, fixing your small data challenges, or implementing a programme to improve your delivery capabilities. Leveraging DataOps tools and techniques makes this much simpler and works in a way that is consistent with the latest software practices.

Delivering the latest analytics from reporting and dashboarding to machine learning and artificial intelligence efficiently and effectively through DataOps.

Leveraging the latest tools and techniques to gain insight relies on good data disciplines, iterative delivery, and good data engineering. Our consultants have implemented 100s of solutions for the largest organisations and leverage the latest methodology to achieve amazing results.

Regulatory Delivery
Supporting your delivery of regulations efficiently and effectively in clean operational solutions that stand the test of time.

Delivering on regulations takes all of the data disciplines that come through a good DataOps approach. Kinaesis consultants have seen greater than 50% improvement in the time to deliver regulations by leveraging DataOps effectively. Imagine being able to implement twice as many at half the cost. How much of your precious time and budget could you then apply to doing more business?

Adding value to your data management solutions though our integrated DataOps approach.

Many see governance as a way of preventing people doing things, Kinaesis consultants see governance as the guard rails to empower people to leverage the data in the organisation to add value in a controlled and considered way.