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Do you want to enhance your DataOps knowledge? Do you want to achieve the results that Kinaesis consultants have regularly achieved over 10 years? We consistently beat the statistics in delivering data projects faster, at lower risk and at lower cost. We attribute this to our DataOps philosophy and approach. We have packaged up our approach into a world class training academy. We have online training where you can learn about our proprietary 6 pillars methodology. If you really want to become a world class DataOps professional then take your knowledge and skills to the next level with a classroom based training course with an industry leader.

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The Problem

Are you getting the types of results that you hope to achieve with your data solutions? Is the methodology that you are following disjointed and the artefacts that you produce not adding value to the development process? Are your users always unhappy with the lack of progress from your analytics solutions? After all the hard work are you completely demoralised by the fact that the users do not use what you have produced? If these problems and many others are plaguing you and your data projects, then learning about the DataOps methodology, patterns, tools and methods is what you need.

The Solution

Introductory Workshop
2 hours of free online content to help you to understand the proprietary 6 pillars framework for DataOps delivery. All you need to do is follow this link. Sign up and you will have access to 93 minutes of videos, 8 quizzes and 1 certificate to open your eyes to DataOps.

DataOps Course
A course run by experienced consultants that have been implementing various DataOps solutions in top Financial Services institutions for years. You can learn the trade secrets, pitfalls and most importantly how DataOps can benefit your progression and your organisation as a whole. This runs as either an introductory (2 day) or advanced (5 day) course depending on your level of maturity. Some of the questions we will help answer:

  • Do you know the sources of latency, risk, and complexity in your pipeline?
  • Do you know where in your pipeline data quality can be best addressed?
  • Do you know where the limiting factors on performance, coverage, and quality are?
  • Do you have a strong feedback loop between data providers and data consumers?
  • Are you able to add new analytics and data sources without compromising compliance?
  • Can you re-create and explain historical results?
  • How can you demonstrate control and understanding of the estate?
  • Are your programmes increasing the real knowledge available to decision makers?
  • Do your requirements reflect the user experience the business really needs to have?

Contact us here for further information as to the next course, or hiring the course for your organisation.

DataOps Coaching/Mentorship
Need a more bespoke advisory package to tackle an especially tricky project? Is your organisation in need of discreet, specialist help? Long history of initiatives not working? Speak to our consultants about how we can help deliver your project and aid your goals.
This option can include onboarding Kinaesis consultants for the duration of a project phase (20+ days) to provide hands on guidance on each step and to quality check and resolve unanswered questions around the DataOps methodology to reinforce the approach.
Contact us here to ask to speak to a consultant.

DataOps Book
Our DataOps book is due out in the middle of the year. This is a technical novel that provides you with easy access into the DataOps methodology and contains many real life examples of mistakes and solutions. Contact us here to register your interest for our upcoming book.

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