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SAS® is a trusted analytics powerhouse for organisations seeking immediate value from their data. A deep bench of advanced analytics, predictive modelling, business intelligence and data management solutions help clients discover insights from their data and make sense of it all. Kinaesis Springboard provides the opportunity to speedily onboard SAS products and gain the maximum value from your SAS investment.

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The Problem

Everyone agrees that their organisation should have a single version of the truth. Yet in large banks a single version of the truth can be increasingly difficult to achieve. Ever increasing regulatory demands are creating ever increasing reporting and aggregation use cases. These demands are often based on fundamentally different views of what drives risk and how it should be aggregated.

In parallel there's greater demand from stakeholders for customised analytics and reporting to support their business line. This makes it extremely difficult to present a single version of the truth that meets everyone’s needs. Data pipeline owners are coming to accept that modern banking use cases differ by far more than just how data is filtered and sliced. The result can be that each function ends up implementing large amounts of complexity in their reporting layer to make the data fit their particular use case. This is a significant architectural problem, as separately-owned sets of reporting logic take the organisation away from a single version of truth and back towards a silo approach.

The challenge then is to maintain a single version of truth that doesn’t force data consumers to maintain a heavyweight layer of business logic to produce their version of the truth. Our domain expertise and DataOps experience combined with the SAS product suite provide an excellent way to meet this challenge.

The Solution

Kinaesis Springboard is the solution to accelerate adoption and maximise the return on your SAS investment. Using Kinaesis DataOps expertise, we solve the challenge of creating a useable, extensible single version of the truth.

Between data producers and consumers there's a need for a well-governed orchestration layer that can supply each use case with the perspective it needs. This orchestration layer might, for instance, apply business hierarchies that are specific to a regulation or to a specific team; it might conform risk to a specific set of risk factors and sensitivity types; or it might incorporate rules to provide a finance, rather than a risk perspective. This orchestration layer is the key foundation to support comprehensive reporting from a single version of the truth.

The Kinaesis approach, based on DataOps techniques, provides “specialisations” of the single version of truth. These specialisations are delivered in the form of data marts that provide user communities the flexibility to analyse data in the way that best suits their needs.

To provide these capabilities you need a robust, multi-tenant platform that offers governance, expressiveness and collaboration. SAS is a mature end to end solution that delivers everything you need for quick, accurate and consistent results – every time. It allows business logic to be moved to a well-governed orchestration layer, one specialisation at a time. Getting the implementation right is critical and our DataOps principles can help at every stage:

Tools such as DataFlux (a part of the SAS Data Management Suite) can form a profiling, quality and MDM layer over the whole data pipeline.

Kinaesis have the finance domain expertise to ensure that business terms and hierarchies are defined and managed correctly. SAS Configuration Manager and SAS Infrastructure Data Server (formerly SAS Metadata Server) provides a hub for storing, managing and delivering metadata for SAS applications across the enterprise.

The SAS platform supports every phase of the analytics life cycle – from data, to discovery, to deployment. It executes in a cloud, on-site or hybrid environment and embraces open source technology with interfaces to consistent, governed code.

Kinaesis build momentum and co-operation across business and IT by emphasising early incremental delivery. The web-based interfaces for rapid development tools provided by SAS supported by Viya are an excellent fit for this; it’s easy to add users and to promote shared analytic ideas.

SAS solutions like Risk and Finance Workbench and Model Implementation Platform, provide a layer of workflow and signoff capability to support a rigorous operating model.

Each specialisation is based on a comprehensive business vision of the team’s ideal workflow and capabilities.

The result is to provide everyone with their specialist lens on the single version of the truth in a way that doesn’t compromise governance and control.

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Case Study
Their Problem

At one multinational tier-1 bank, demanding stress testing use cases were putting an ever -increasing strain on the risk reporting model. This resulted in solutions with large amounts of ad-hoc business logic and insufficient controls on the regulatory reporting path.

How We Helped

Kinaesis promoted the idea of an orchestration layer and demonstrated its viability with rapid delivery of example specialisations. In parallel, Kinaesis helped separate 'core' data, applicable to the whole bank, from local data, specific to particular regulations.

Key Victories

This significantly reduced complexity and enabled Kinaesis to build a robust process for distributing 'core' data to each regulatory pipeline.

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