Kinaesis® Springboard for Snowflake

Harness the power of the cloud for your modern data analytics needs with Kinaesis Springboard for Snowflake. Kinaesis has many years of experience solving complex data and analytics problems for clients in regulated industries. The Kinaesis Springboard accelerates your journey to the cloud with the data warehouse built for the cloud: Snowflake. It is a hands-on consultancy approach where we combine accelerators and our expert knowledge to deliver concrete business adoption in double quick time.

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The Problem

Are you missing out on opportunities to pull ahead from your competitors with the latest data and analytics tools? Do you have cloud envy?

Snowflake’s modern cloud data warehouse can help to significantly reduce your time and effort to migrate your data analytics to the cloud. In addition, Snowflake can dramatically reduce the cost, complexity and inflexibility of existing solutions while allowing you to use the tools, skills and people you already have.

The Kinaesis Springboard for Snowflake will accelerate your journey to the cloud with a fast, structured framework and process that addresses key delivery challenges and risks up front.

The Solution

Utilising Snowflake and Kinaesis together, will catapult you towards the vision of a fast, efficient and data-driven organisation. You will no longer be held back by the constraints, complexity, cost and slow pace of your data platform.

With the Snowflake data warehouse your business will benefit from:
- Zero Management – Snowflake’s modern, cloud data warehouse reduces complexity with built-in performance, so there’s no infrastructure to tweak, no knobs to turn and no tuning required.
- All of your data - Create a single source of truth to easily store, integrate and extract critical insight from petabytes of structured and semi-structured data (JSON, XML, AVRO).
- All of your users - Provide access to an architecturally unlimited number of concurrent users and applications without eroding performance.
- Pay only for what you use - Snowflake’s built-for-the-cloud solution scales storage separate from compute, up and down, transparently and automatically.
- Complete SQL database – The Snowflake data warehouse supports the tools millions of business users already know how to use today.

All of these breakthrough features and benefits are based on Snowflake’s unique, cloud-built architecture. As seen in the figure below, storage, compute and services are physically separated, providing enterprises with unlimited power, scale and flexibility without impacting performance.

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Kinaesis Springboard enables enterprises to deploy Snowflake via proven process to address key challenges, with a focused proof of concept and subsequent business rollout.

Kinaesis employ agile, iterative ways of working to drive momentum and answer key questions early, including:
- Business case - Our structured methodology incorporates a holistic breakdown of costs and benefits of business adoption. We have deep experience of developing and implementing a host of successful data and analytics business cases across the industry.
- Security - Kinaesis are data and security architecture experts. Our clients range from Tier 1 banks to Fund Managers and Platforms. We combine deep data expertise with proven security architecture patterns that meet the most demanding requirements.
- Data integration - Kinaesis break down the challenges of data integration to ensure pragmatic execution and early delivery of business value. Kinaesis consultants utilise a DataOps methodology to break down silos, encouraging the business stakeholders to work with data engineers and analysts.
- Internal skills and process - Kinaesis will jump start your initiative by providing deep domain and technical expertise in data, analytics, cloud adoption, security architecture and the Snowflake product. Kinaesis will partner with your internal resources to develop the right skill base, longer term resourcing plan and operating model.

In addition, Kinaesis consultants are data modelling and integration experts with specialist knowledge in ELT / ETL approaches and toolsets. Our expertise extends to data modelling approaches and techniques including Data Vault 2.0, Kimble and Inmon approaches. We can help you develop data modelling skills and standards that will drive agility, self-service capability and true analytics-driven business capability.

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Start your journey to a fast, agile, efficient, analytics-driven organisation today with the Kinaesis Springboard for Snowflake.

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