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Deliver efficient, automated, analytics focussed Risk, Finance and Treasury functions utilising MicroStrategy and Kinaesis DataOps.

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The Problem

The vision for Risk, Finance and Treasury functions is to have the majority of their resources focused on forward looking analysis, driving deeper insights. Ultimately, this can only be achieved by high levels of automation on a bedrock of robust control.

However, for most Risk, Finance and Treasury functions, this vision remains an aspiration. Complex IT environments, inconsistency of data, silo process and lack of automation have, in most organisations, led to overly manual processes with duplication of controls and data. Large amounts of time and money are spent collating and checking data rather than driving valuable business insights.

Complexity breeds complexity and adds to the growing cost and time burden. Many attempts to fix these issues under-deliver. Often the situation gets worse as transformation programmes layer on additional systems and processes without removing legacy challenges. Localised solutions, with extensive reliance on user-built solutions are an all too familiar occurrence. The current environment demands a higher level of tangible return on investment.

Three underlying root causes of the failure to deliver desired capability improvements need to be addressed to break the cycle:

  • Inability to change systems quickly enough to meet business demands (inflexibility in traditional processing and reporting systems leading to tactical user driven solutions)
  • Lack of knowledge and availability of data leading to multiple versions of truth and multiple quality processes
  • Lack of a sustainable, embedded, agile data governance

By tackling these issues head on, it is possible to provide an environment that allows your users to quickly and efficiently add new datasets, reports and analytics capabilities to gain new valuable insights from your data.

The Solution

MicroStrategy and Kinaesis DataOps can deliver a step change in Risk, Finance and Treasury capability. We will break the cycle of the proliferation of localised solutions and inflexibility of core and legacy infrastructure.

We achieve this by combining MicroStrategy's market-leading enterprise analytics and mobility platform with the DataOps agile delivery capability of Kinaesis.

We provide flexible, quick response to business needs by:
• Employing a design-led user experience process that emphasises collaboration with users.
• Organising dashboards and reports into MicroStrategy Dossiers that in turn can be re-used and reviewed with no need for Excel or Powerpoint steps.

We ensure that a single version of truth is delivered to decision makers by:
• Centralising your conformance, quality and normalisation logic into a well-governed layer, upstream of your analysis environment.
• Using MicroStrategy Data Wrangling functions to give users visibility of quality, profiling, and shape metadata.

We embed data governance into the data delivery process by:
• leveraging MicroStrategy's capabilities to embed controls, workflow, commentary, sign off and certification.
• Employing our expertise in the design and adoption of lightweight operating models for data delivery.


We work together with you to build a data culture within your organisation to reduce costs, drive revenue, enrich customer experience and to manage regulatory requirements.

Together, we enable business driven, agile delivery with fast prototyping and incremental delivery cycles measured in weeks rather than months. The approach is pragmatic, yet disciplined.

Together, we empower business users using governed self-service capability, a federated delivery model that leads to faster business delivery.

Together, we allow IT functions to focus on delivering data sets, building reporting frameworks, delivering complex reporting, scaling platform performance and security capability.

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