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The Practical Approach to GDPR ↔ Data Protection Bill

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The Problem

Time ticking? Need to speed up your GDPR ↔ Data Protection Bill compliance programme? We have your solution. We’ll not only get you off on the right foot but we offer a solution to deliver concrete results in double quick time. We offer two packages that can be used in tandem: Kinaesis GDPR Springboard and Kinaesis GDPR Accelerator Kit.

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The Solution

Kinaesis GDPR Springboard

At Kinaesis, we believe in a hands on, delivery focused approach to challenges. Our GDPR methods are no exception. We see the GDPR in the context of many other recent regulatory initiatives and can apply the same results-oriented expertise to GDPR that we’ve applied to BCBS239, FRTB, MiFID II and many others. GDPR is daunting at first sight, however, like all other regulations, we can break compliance down into stages and the maturity of those stages can be measured objectively.

As with other large, far reaching regulations, there is a need to prioritise and schedule responses to different areas of the GDPR; it’s unlikely that each area will be prioritised equally for each type of institution and each type of data. Our practical approach takes this into account, producing a GDPR plan that integrates well with other data and IT initiatives, whilst ensuring minimum exposure. At each step, we deliver concrete, provable changes that help build momentum rapidly.

What we offer:

  • Identify GDPR-involved systems and business relationships.
  • Classify data and identify areas of high risk or liability.
  • Evaluate the maturity of systems, contracts and data architectures.
  • Identify ‘dark spots’ where poor metadata or documentation may make it hard to comply with GDPR requests.
  • Put in place tools and processes to deal with GDPR requests.
  • Leverage your existing knowledge and documentation, together with our own, to make demonstrable progress quickly.

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The Kinaesis GDPR Accelerator Kit.

We’ve put together a GDPR kit with a focus not just on survival, but on accelerating your GDPR programme and delivering concrete change in double quick time. Our kit contains materials that can kick start a new programme, or help to detail and validate an existing programme:

Kinaesis GDPR Data Model. Based on our long history of applied data modelling, this data model is tailored to the information set you’ll need to collect to run your GDPR programme.
GDPR Questionnaires. GDPR requires that you understand what data is handled by which systems and partner companies. It requires that you know how these systems and partners handle security, anonymity and access. You also need to know how they will respond – or have already responded – to GDPR requests. Our set of template questionnaires helps make sure the right information is being gathered from your enterprise.
GDPR High Level Operating Model. GDPR requires that you manage systems, relationships, GDPR requests and responses, as well as maintaining the data you need to evaluate liabilities and demonstrate compliance. Starting with a high level operating model can help the processes and roles behind all of this to become a reality.
GDPR Dashboard. GDPR requires that your Data Privacy Officer (DPO) has oversight of all data privacy related knowledge in your organisation – but what exactly does the DPO need to see, and how do you know that the DPO has been provided with everything they need? Our dashboards serve as a benchmark, so that you can work upstream and understand how each required dashboard section can be populated.

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