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Kinaesis are SAS partners with deep expertise in overcoming regulatory challenges in finance by providing interpretation, implementation and governance services. Our SAS experienced team are equipped with the latest methodologies, frameworks and technologies which allow clients to gain maximum value from their SAS platform.

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The Problem

Despite high levels of investment and selection of industry leading tools such as SAS, significant issues persist across the industry. These challenges translate into continued high cost and slow pace of change plus a lack of predictability and therefore confidence in ability to deliver against regulatory deadlines:

  • Solutions frequently miss expectations in terms of business capability and performance.
  • Siloed data is still causing inconsistencies and lack of flexibility.
  • Governance and controls are not fully embedded with change leading to maintenance overhead and out of date information that cannot be trusted.
  • Technology landscapes are still overly complex, new technologies have been added without an accompanying simplification causing additional costs.
  • New technologies – particularly big data platforms - have proven much harder than expected to implement into effective operational platforms.
  • Growth of metadata mountains have created a maintenance headache that has generally produced little if any actionable insight.
  • Difficulty in measuring progress and return on investment in data management, reporting and analytics is making further investment hard to justify.

The choice of technology tooling is one step towards a solution, however the real challenge is to successfully implement an effective operating model and set of advanced capabilities.

The Solution

We help our clients to get maximum return on their SAS investments.

The combination of SAS industry leading technology platforms and Kinaesis specialist tooling, expertise and methods enable firms to move forward with urgency and precision to address resolute data management, reporting, analytics and regulatory challenges.

At Kinaesis we combine deep domain experience in risk and finance with the expertise needed to deliver high performance data architectures, enterprise information management and real-time analytics solutions.

We are working with top tier financial services firms to implement SAS-based solutions that deliver advanced risk analytics and data management streamlining. We are helping our clients to meet their regulatory programme requirements, such as BCBS 239 and IFRS 9, at the same time as building a powerful data management and analytics platform for the future.

Kinaesis are SAS partners and our experienced team are equipped with the latest tried and tested methodologies, frameworks and technologies. We provide SAS expertise, unique financial services industry experience, real-time in-memory analytics technology expertise, big data expertise and a set of industry leading project accelerators. Kinaesis has developed a number of out-of-the-box components and templates that accelerate delivery based on best practice and lean software development methodologies. Our accelerators include:

  • Kinaesis Clarity Metadata Visualisation: Kinaesis advanced metadata visualisation tools provide actionable insights on the mountains of metadata available within a firm to users with multiple perspectives.
  • Kinaesis Clarity Control for SAS: Kinaesis governance and control tooling on SAS embeds data governance into the change cycle in a simple, practical, lightweight way.
  • Kinaesis Enterprise Information Maturity (EIM) assessment: Kinaesis EIM assessment enables a fast, effective measurement of capabilities against 6 key pillars which are all key to delivering successful financial services data solutions for risk, finance, front office, or regulatory reporting.
  • Kinaesis best practice Information Architecture: Kinaesis maintain latest industry best practice designs and templates to deliver linear scalability and to ensure real-time delivery. Data sourcing bottlenecks are addressed through careful targeting and development of data driven, automated sourcing approaches.
  • Kinaesis best practice Operating Models: Kinaesis maintain the latest industry best practice operating model designs that deliver effective, joined-up operational capability across data management, model management, analytics and reporting.
Case Study
Their Problem

Our client had been using SAS successfully for a number of years. However their analytics and reporting environment had become complex, it was not well documented or understood, changes were difficult to make and there was no consistent, robust change control process in place. The platform had grown organically over time resulting in inconsistent approaches to data sourcing and modelling. This in turn had led to multiple representations of the same data, onerous manual reconciliations and wasted time in explaining differences.

With looming regulatory deadlines for BCBS 239 compliance imposing the need to drastically streamline processes, implement robust controls and ensure effective governance our client was looking for a partner who they could rely on to deliver to tight deadlines. They needed a partner with the expertise to deliver a best a practice SAS-based data and analytics architecture with an effective operating model to ensure sustainability and provide a strategic platform for growth.

How We Helped

Kinaesis were engaged by the client's business team responsible for reporting. During an inital 4 weeks engagement two senior Kinaesis consultants followed our Enterprise Information Maturity (EIM) methodologies to tie scope to required outcomes of all stakeholders. Functional and performance requirements were clearly documented in measureable form. Operating model requirements were agreed. Key risks were identified with mitigation plans. A solution proposal was documented with an implementation plan. Following this initial proposal, our client asked Kinaesis to supply a high quality delivery team to execute the plan.

Key Victories

The Kinaesis team worked successfully with our client's internal resources to deliver the solution on time to meet their regulatory deadline for BCBS 239 compliance.

The solution provides our client with advanced analytics leveraging industry-leading SAS tools. The platform enables our client to reduce the amount of time answering ad-hoc questions on data. This has reduced the time to market for new reports and dashboards as well as providing a scalable reporting solution with trusted data.

The implementation of Kinaesis Clarity Metadata Visualisation tools provides our client with business-meaningful, understandable and useful perspectives on data origins and quality. The implementation of governance control tools, a target operating model and a consistent set of metrics has established materially higher trust in the reporting suite.

Additionally, Kinaesis helped the client to identify how to leverage the latest SAS tools to enhance their data platform, gain efficiencies and comply with the latest regulatory environment. This resulted in adoption of additional SAS tools that brought further leverage and capability to the platform.

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