Regulatory response - BCBS 239⁺

The wide ranging scope and fixed deadline of the BCBS 239 regulations has forced firms to focus on delivery of the minimum set of artefacts that demonstrate compliance with the new rules. This has created real life complexities and complicated solutions that are challenging to support on an ongoing basis. With Kinaesis BCBS 239+ you can leverage and maximise value from your BCBS 239 data management compliance investment.

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The Problem

In the rush to gain compliance to BCBS 239, additional complexity and administration has been introduced to an already complex data environment. Many organisations have an implementation based on a solution that is not delivering true value. In many cases operational overheads are higher, change management processes are more onerous and gains in analytic and reporting capability have not materialised. The situation only worsens as additional metadata is created to meet future needs.

The Solution

BCBS 239⁺ is the opportunity to review your BCBS 239 implementation and to benchmark this against best practice utilising our unique experience and insights.

Following this benchmarking process, we will convert the output into a set of practical recommendations and a roadmap to leverage and maximise value from your BCBS 239 compliant data management approach.

The documented report will include an action plan of recommendations for the organisation to put into practice, over the coming few change cycles. Recommendations will be categorised by priority, cost and benefit, to provide a clear path for the organisation to implement the changes required, to get value out of their data architectures and practices.

Kinaesis can provide specialist tools to enable the business to get a clearer picture of the impact of the data governance and data lineage solutions which have been implemented as a result of BCBS 239. The key is to provide “business meaningful” outputs and data to demonstrate value.

This work is scoped to take only one month and will be undertaken at a fixed price.

Case Study
Their Problem

Our client was suffering from a complex MIS and reporting environment that had grown out of an End User Computing (EUC) solution. This solution was not well documented or understood, having grown incrementally over time to consolidate many disparate sources of information. To add to the complexity, metrics were not standardised, leading to multiple representations of the same facts and controls were not in place to ensure compliance with the desired operating model.

To leverage their investment in BCBS 239 compliance, our client was looking for a partner who could deliver best practice data architectures to tight deadlines, as well as delivering lasting value through a strategic platform.

How We Helped

Kinaesis initiated the BCBS 239+ engagement with the business team responsible for the reporting. Two senior consultants spent 4 weeks identifying the scope, documenting the high level requirements, and establishing a solution and plan. The proposal drew out the complexity of the requirement and the risks that would need to be mitigated. Once the review was complete, the client asked Kinaesis to supply a high quality delivery team to execute the plan.

Key Victories

Implementing the recommendations from the BCBS 239+, the delivery team brought a pragmatic approach to the issues our client had and is now on target to meet the BCBS 239 compliance deadline. The Kinaesis delivered platform now enables the client to reduce the amount of time answering ad-hoc questions on data, therefore reducing the time to market for new reports or dashboards as well as providing a scalable reporting solution with trusted data. The implementation of Kinaesis Clarity (our Data Governance and Lineage capability) now provides the client with a clear representation of their data sources and flows of information. They can visually identify anomalies between implementations of key business metrics, leading to improvements in reporting and controls across the organisation. With the introduction of overall governance and a target operating model and the process of implementing a consistent set of data and metrics, more trust has been established in the reporting suite.

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