Fund Risk profiling

Ensure robust risk management compliance through an independent review, carried out by senior risk management quantitative researchers and technology experts, using our highly configurable risk and stress testing engine.

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The Problem

Investors, regulators and internal management teams are demanding increasing levels of risk control and transparency. There is a growing need for analytical insight to answer key questions: does the fund risk profile match the mandate? Is the risk management framework effective? What are the key model risks? What is the hedge effectiveness?

Often firms do not have the internal capabilities to provide the required level of review. Often investors will demand an independent review. Robust review of risk and valuation processes requires a combination of advanced quantitative ability and highly performant, flexible infrastructure with very broad coverage of risk classes and derivatives.

The Solution

Kinaesis, with our partners CloudRisk, provide an independent risk review service for fund, asset managers and portfolio managers to ensure risk management is in line with objectives, policies and marketing presentation. Kinaesis and CloudRisk will assess the effectiveness of risk controls, ensure that there is a clear understanding of key risk factors (including risk profile, liquidity and hedge effectiveness), assess ability to withstand stress scenarios and assess scalability to support future inflows / growth.

Our lead practitioners are experienced, senior investment risk management experts, quantitative research experts and financial services domain and technology experts. We have a highly configurable risk and stress testing engine - the CloudRisk platform - which is exceptionally flexible and can be configured to perform bespoke stress and scenario testing. The platform has a proven track record of accuracy and precision. With experts across a range of relevant technologies we can offer independent advice on technology risk and offer recommendations on how to resolve identified risks.

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