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Move with speed and precision to hit regulatory deadlines whilst building a foundation that provides leverage to maximise returns on mandatory investments.

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The Problem

Responding to regulatory initiatives has become a huge consumer of investment and talent in all major financial firms since the financial crisis that began in 2007 / 2008. The majority of regulatory initiatives have required bringing together data across silos and righting data and information wrongs, that have built up over many years.

However, enterprise data sourcing, quality and governance are topics that have been too often ignored or side-lined. With fixed regulatory timelines there is a very significant risk that firms deliver point solutions and fail to benefit fully from the massive investments being made to meet the mandatory requirements.

Regulators are mandating automation in production of results, traceability and consistency. Their demands are constantly evolving - organisations must have dynamic change capability to support this. Failure to deliver risks significant financial penalties and even exclusion from markets.

The Solution

Kinaesis methodologies help our clients to act with urgency and precision. Kinaesis are regulatory initiative implementation experts. Our tools speed up delivery and our expertise delivers successful compliance.

Critically, Kinaesis methods ensure that investments can be leveraged beyond regulatory response to provide a foundation for data governance, integrated reporting and analytics. This provides a platform for driving efficient operations, improving risk management and harnessing differentiating business intelligence. Our approach includes addressing technology and operating model needs to deliver viable, sustainable solutions.

Case Study
Their Problem

Our client needed to implement reporting and controls to adhere to Dodd-Frank Act Volcker rule requirements. However, data was siloed across finance, risk and operations.

Our client wanted to avoid developing a tactical point solution as it would result in an inefficient operational process with limited data controls and poor return on investment. But with a fixed regulatory deadline they needed a viable plan.

How We Helped

Kinaesis worked with our client to assess their data maturity and ability to deliver the Volcker requirements using the Kinaesis Enterprise Information Maturity (EIM) matrix. This highlighted the areas that needed to be addressed to deliver the requirements in strategic manner - notably data delivery, data lineage, data frequency, governance and project delivery.

Kinaesis developed an action plan to on-board the data onto our client's strategic data warehouse and develop the reporting required. We also developed a target operating model to ensure that technology and operational needs were addressed.

We conducted data life-cycle walk-throughs to prove that the data and proposed solution were viable. This highlighted critical issues that needed to be addressed early, it also provided project sponsors with a high level of confidence that the project would deliver on time.

We on-boarded the required data quickly ensuring that additional data could be added fast in the future. We embedded data governance and quality control into the operational and change process. We quickly added the data into reporting marts to give users early sight, enabling refinement of reporting and the underlying data in order to meet all requirements.

Key Victories

The project was delivered on time on a strategic platform. The data sourced to deliver the project was made available in the client's strategic reporting platform providing leverage for other reporting needs.

Using the Kinaesis approach we identified data issues early in the project which significantly reduced delivery risk - data sourcing issues were solved early in the project. Data was exposed to users quickly with iterative deliveries using a data-driven on-boarding framework enabling fast effective refinement of reporting and process.

Data quality issues were exposed and fixed through embedded data governance and quality processes.

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