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Data management strategy and delivery

Kinaesis helped us rapidly improve our delivery capability and technical infrastructure whilst supporting many of our non-technical teams through a period of significant change.
Make data the keystone of your corporation - deliver efficiency and uncover opportunity through an effective data management strategy.
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Big Data analytics strategy and delivery icon

Big Data analytics strategy and delivery

Move forward with confidence to harness the opportunities afforded by new, disruptive technologies alongside established systems and tools.
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Architecture and solutions review icon

Architecture and solutions review

This short to medium term service provides you with an industry leading third party opinion and set of recommendations for making sure your enterprise solutions will achieve the goals you expect.
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Tool selection icon

Tool selection

There are thousands of tools on the market providing specific capabilities. Investment in the wrong one can mean the success or failure of your business model. Investment in the correct one can provide competitive advantage and increased revenues.
Use our expertise and industry knowledge to make the right choice when you are investing in tools to add value to your business.
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Enterprise Information Maturity (EIM) icon

Enterprise Information Maturity (EIM)

With large programmes of data integration and aggregation driven by regulatory demands, it is difficult to see a clear path through the priorities to deliver a successful solution.
Successfully delivering a financial services data solution for risk, finance, front office, or regulatory reporting requires a cohesive data strategy. Kinaesis have split this strategy into 6 key pillars which form the basis of all of our implementations and assessments. Each one needs to be of the appropriate maturity if you hope to achieve your goals. This independent assessment of capability delivers a clear set of actions for your organisation to take to improve the outcomes of your data centric projects.
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Business transformation icon

Business transformation

Transform business functions to deliver efficiencies, improve control and create highly scalable reporting capable of enabling powerful analytics-driven business decision making and opportunity identification.
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Data services

Data governance icon

Data governance

We faced numerous data and processing challenges that were causing our major strategic reporting and control programme to fail. We faced critical delays, production outages and performance problems.
Regulatory initiatives including BCBS 239, Solvency II and MiFID II have brought data governance to prominence throughout the financial services industry. The basic principles defined in the regulations are best practice in the data space and an area where Kinaesis bring competitive advantage. By focusing on the organisation, management and understanding of data assets, business can create huge opportunity and rapidly improve performance.
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Data modelling and design icon

Data modelling and design

As data volumes rapidly increase, businesses become more globalised and technology options grow, a deep understanding of how to design and organise data to meet complex requirements is increasingly becoming a critical success factor in data projects.
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Data discovery icon

Data discovery

Modelling data from first principles is a lengthy and time consuming exercise that tends to end in failure due to the fact that semantics exist in content as well as structure.
Use advanced, agile, data flow analysis, profiling and data quality assessment to rapidly deliver data models that represent true semantics and business rules.
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Solution performance assessment icon

Solution performance assessment

The data domain has matured in recent years with the emergence of high performance big data and real time analytics technologies. How do you maximise the performance of your existing assets whilst defining, measuring and managing transition to target state?
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