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Kinaesis have been responsible for some of the most successful and innovative analytics and reporting solutions across the industry. We leverage our expertise and experience to achieve results and capabilities of the latest tools and techniques on the market.

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The Challenges

Many BI projects fail. This is due to changing requirements, and poor understanding of the marketplace and the capabilities of the tools available. Focus is often placed on quick results and the solution being purely a technical challenge.

Poor definition of the problem space prior to implementation means expensive corrective action or termination of the project before it has achieved real value. Why get this wrong when you can get help from the leading independent experts in data within the financial services?

The Approach

Bringing all of our expertise in data and technology we are able to model the requirements for solutions effectively. Backing this up with our leading data profiling methodologies, we can confidently establish success criteria for an architecture and solution.

Measuring this against our technology selection grids and research we can pick the best tools and architecture to achieve success as well as defining effective POCs to build a solution that will succeed.

Couple this with our methodology and best practice architectures and you have a powerful toolset that we can bring to your BI, analytics and reporting solutions to achieve incredible results.

Case Study
Their Problem

This large global investment bank had a large interest rate book. It included a hugely diverse business base, however the risk was managed centrally and globally 24-5. Due to complex market conditions the risk in the solution needed to be precise and timely and support traders all the way up to senior managers throughout the enterprise.

Their existing solution was based around spreadsheets and was not able to scale to meet the demands of the business, who needed to introduce more detailed calculations to manage the third order effects of the inventory. A lot of data would have to be reported in parallel supporting a global user base. They needed our expertise to build the right solution and push existing technologies to their limits to achieve success.

How We Helped

Kinaesis provided key SME experience to the project, using our methodologies to define the problem effectively and leading the modelling, mapping, solutions architecture and providing input into the project planning.

We were able to define an effective POC and see it through execution to achieving results that were industry leading across all available software.

This led into the full programme where we established the production architecture and models. We worked closely with the business to make sure the solution would fully meet its requirements and risk methodologies.

Key Victories

We achieved industry leading results from existing technology by architecting a solution that used the capabilities to the best advantage. We mapped business requirements closely to the solutions architecture and married this with key non-functional requirements, to make the solution meet the demanding needs of its sponsors. We delivered an architecture that enabled the business to integrate new models and more information to give them competitive advantage.

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