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The Challenges

Implementing large change projects within organisations is a complex and difficult exercise.

Having people within an organisation with the correct skills and experience, as well as the know-how, tools and techniques to implement projects successfully is difficult.

Where the skills exist within an organisation, freeing these key people up to implement a new project can be near impossible.

The Approach

Kinaesis will provide an experienced team of technology experts with numerous projects and implementations already completed.

Married up with our best practice methodology across the information management space and accelerators to rapidly get the programme running and delivering value.

We tend to work in conjunction with our clients to provide a mixed team to enable cross training and the ability to handover the platform at the end of the engagement.

Case Study
Their Problem

The bank in question was struggling with how to get their project moving forwards. They had many technologists with key skills, but they did not have the bandwidth or experience to structure the project and the programme to deliver.

How We Helped

Kinaesis provided them with a senior programme manager with 20+ years of experience to act as an interim head of the programme. They used Kinaesis tools and techniques to establish what needed to get done and how to implement.

They structured the work into a plan and established resourcing and presented this back to the stakeholders for approval. They organised the teams and programme, managed the project to get it on track and delivering key value.

Key Victories

Kinaesis consultants were able to quickly establish the right way forward and build consensus throughout the programme team. We established a correct operating model built around the pillars of success drawn from our enterprise information management model. We provided a team of experts to complement the in-house team and drive the project forward.

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Allan Eyears
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