Architecture and solutions review

This short to medium term service provides you with an industry leading third party opinion and set of recommendations for making sure your enterprise solutions will achieve the goals you expect.

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The Challenges

Large enterprise projects have high expectations to deliver huge value and step change in performance and efficiencies. They warrant large budgets normally invested in a single vendor or driven internally to reach the goal, yet many fail to do so.

The Approach

Kinaesis consultants have delivered many successful enterprise wide complex data solutions. We have a clear set of quality criteria and an industry leading methodology that leads to success.

Using our enterprise information maturity model and benchmarks we can rapidly assess inflight solutions and programmes for their ability to meet the goals of the organisation and to meet the non-functional requirements implied by the requirements.

Case Study
Their Problem

The client was investing in a multi-year, multi-phase programme to deliver a new enterprise solutions architecture across all of its businesses and functions tied to a specific vendor. The first project to fully utilise this architecture was the Finance and product control function. The sponsor of the project wanted to be sure that the major investment being made would meet the needs of his department as well as achieve the goals of the enterprise.

How We Helped

A small team of Kinaesis experts worked with the clients internal technology and business teams to provide independent advice and feedback on the artefacts and designs that were produced at the gates of their project process. This involved review of documentation and interviews with key contributors to understand the intended design. The outcomes of this were fed back to the client through a series of internal meetings and presentations and a set of detailed review documentation.

Key Victories

The programme in question had some fundamental design issues that were implemented due to the vendors and clients own previous experience. These would have led to the solution not meeting the goals of the business and either having to be rewritten or scrapped at huge cost. Kinaesis put the project back on track to deliver required outputs.

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Allan Eyears
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