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The Challenges

Technology vendors will generally market the capabilities of their tools and technologies broadly to capture as wider set of use cases and potential buyers as they can. Our experience and ethos says that to be successful you need to match the correct tool to the job. If the wrong tool or technology is chosen it is highly likely that requirements cannot be met without significant compromise. The cost of development to meet even reduced requirements will be significant. Successful tool selection is not straightforward. Many selection templates are completed to justify an initial decision rather than to rigorously assess a tool's ability to deliver the required capabilities within the constraints of the business case.

The Approach

We use our extensive experience and capabilities to define your requirements in a clear and concise way. We match this definition against our extensive database of tools and technologies with clearly defined and demonstrated capabilities and priorities, to be able to select the correct tool for the job.

Case Study
Their Problem

The asset manager was running its operations, pricing and valuations on Microsoft Office tools and technologies. When they were smaller this was adequate, flexible and efficient. Since growing significantly over the past few years the effort to maintain the solution and run the manual processes was increasing. The client wanted to reduce this time spent to focus on value add activities. It wanted to know how to proceed with a vendor tool or a bespoke implementation.

How We Helped

We provided a managing consultant to establish a correct vision and assess the options available to the client. This resulted in a clear vision and strategy document clearly articulating the options for addressing their requirements. The consultant then helped the client to run an RFP process with a number of select vendors.

Key Victories

The client in question was struggling to address the operational requirements for change objectively and did not have the internal capacity to run a software selection process. Our initial vision process helped them to focus on the key objectives and to drive through the required steps to implementing the software.

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