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Kinaesis are experts in combining today's complex business requirements with high performance data architectures, to deliver industry leading solutions.

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The Challenges

Across the industry project failure rates are high, particularly for data and analytics initiatives.

This is partly due to failure to solve data governance challenges, but also due to inadequate data and solution design. Gartner research estimates that 70% to 80% of business intelligence projects fail to meet their business objectives.

This failure to deliver often leads to a growing patch-work of competing, isolated, inconsistent efforts across an enterprise, leading in turn to higher costs, lack of leverage and a failure to deliver the information needs of the firm.

The Approach

Kinaesis consultants have been successfully delivering high performance data architectures to solve challenging financial services business problems for many years.

This experience has been distilled into a set of repeatable design patterns and best practices to address the key requirements of an increasingly globalised and regulated financial services sector.

Kinaesis methodologies provide direct linkage from business vision to data governance and solution designs to ensure delivery of business value. Systems are built with the performance levels and flexibility needed to support the future demands of the platform.

Case Study
Their Problem

Our client was embarking on a major programme of technology change and wanted to ensure that all solutions were as decoupled and as cohesive as possible. The preference was towards open standards for data representation and transfer across both bulk and real time data sets. Furthermore, given the backdrop of technology change towards big data toolsets, the solution architecture would need to be designed in such a way as to minimise the cost of this future transition.

How We Helped

A Kinaesis Subject Matter Expert worked with internal business architecture and technology teams to form a flexible solution architecture exploiting binary XML and high performance messaging to meet increasing data volumes and demanding reporting requirements.

To validate the approach, Kinaesis performance specialists tested the solution design in parallel with the initial build cycles. Finally, Kinaesis ran a proof of concept for the client to prove that the proposed solution architecture could easily be transitioned to integrate with the big data target architectures being proposed by Group and CIB architecture bodies.

Key Victories

Despite joining the programme at a relatively advanced stage, the Kinaesis project team were the first to deliver the initial tranche of functionality for the overall programme. This delivery record has been maintained throughout with consistent performance across the reporting suite, against expected data growth.

Business users are now able to generate timely reports within seconds of all Accounting and P&L processes completing with data completeness transparency. This has in turn led to decreased operational cost, significantly reduced offline processing of data and a centralised high performance data repository to meet future business needs.

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