Enterprise Information Maturity (EIM)

Successfully delivering a financial services data solution for risk, finance, front office, or regulatory reporting requires a cohesive data strategy. Kinaesis have split this strategy into 6 key pillars which form the basis of all of our implementations and assessments. Each one needs to be of the appropriate maturity if you hope to achieve your goals. This independent assessment of capability delivers a clear set of actions for your organisation to take to improve the outcomes of your data centric projects.

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The Challenges

Based on well published statistics the success of large data projects is less than 30% in the hands of clever technology staff and more than 70% in areas relating to clear business sponsorship, data quality, and clear business process.

The whole operating model of an organisation needs to gear up for change and support the project process. The Kinaesis Enterprise Information Maturity (EIM) assessment delivers this perspective to all stakeholders and creates an environment for success.

The Approach

Kinaesis have, through our experience and capabilities, developed a model for delivering lasting and efficient change to organisations. Starting with an assessment of existing maturity and then focusing on the desired outcomes we can quickly and effectively establish a set of priorities and a path to success.

Used at the start of projects the assessment can establish a clear programme plan across all areas through technology to business process to governance to help establish the right structure for success.

Used on existing projects the assessment can help to establish why projects are not delivering the value that they set out to achieve and bring them back on course. Our templates and accelerators will then deliver the change required.

Case Study
We faced numerous data and processing challenges that were causing our major strategic reporting and control programme to fail. We faced critical delays, production outages and performance problems.
Their Problem

The organisation was implementing a large Finance change initiative. The programme was dependent on delivering key benefits around a single Finance Ledger. The reporting solutions driven from the initiative would be able to provide insights around customer and profitability which would help transform the organisation. Historically they had numerous failed initiatives and wanted Kinaesis to provide input on the strategy to achieve success.

How We Helped

Kinaesis reviewed the existing set up of the organisation, looking at past projects, and working closely with internal IT, business and change management stakeholders. We assessed the capabilities from this work and wrote up a detailed and thorough report explaining why the existing projects had not achieved the success that they had hoped for and the key changes required to set up future projects for success.

Key Victories

The stakeholders were surprised at the suggestions in the report. They covered areas that they had not considered to be factors in the success of the existing projects. It enabled them to see the project process from a completely different angle, leading to changes in project approach. This approach then led to successful delivery of the future projects.

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