Kinaesis deliver industry leading, independent, data management, analytics and reporting. Our domain expertise in Insurance is extensive having delivered successful engagements for some of the largest Insurance firms in the world.

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Our Experience

Solvency II and the rise of the CDO function within Insurance firms is shining a light on the importance of data management. Insurance firms are looking to Kinaesis as the data management experts with deep domain expertise in Insurance.

The insurance market is faced with the dual challenge of separate MI platforms through acquisitions and growth as well as the need to embrace new Big Data Technology. They are asking the question, how do we take advantage of these new technologies whilst still retaining governance and control.

Kinaesis has the expert frameworks and operating models to achieve this. Examples of our work in this sector includes Solvency II advisory work for a large Insurance Market, an Enterprise Information Management and Data Governance project at a major Automotive Insurer and a Data Quality Architecture and Tool review for a global insurance broker.

In each case we were selected because of our unique and independent experience in tooling and best practice data and MI architecture design as well as insurance domain expertise.

Case Study
Kinaesis helped us reach maturity in this space much sooner than we could have hoped to do internally.

Head of MI, Large Consumer Insurance Company

Their Problem

Our Client had recently been acquired by private equity and they were looking for a step change in performance, revenue growth and cost control. Their existing management information was fragmented and inconsistent causing considerable amounts of confusion and frustration amongst the senior executives.

The MI information that they received in the management information packs was contradicting the operational information that middle management and supervisors were using. New management needed to transform the business and they needed accurate and consistent information to work from.

The clients existing information management department were divided to work independently with their sponsors to produce the data they required and the solution was therefore fragmented and inconsistent. In addition to this they were using old technology which meant every report took many man hours to produce and there were many reports.

How We Helped

Kinesis's methodology and design patterns help our clients ascend the information maturity ladder quickly. Kinaesis are experts in high-performance data management and reporting ensuring that technology solutions actually deliver.

Kinaesis methodologies help clients to implement effective, working data governance and meta-data management strategies. We help our clients to build sustainable operating models with flexible, adaptable and highly performant data management and reporting technology.

We quickly assess our clients' information maturity, measure the benefits of increasing capabilities, set targets and develop a clear, focused action plan.

Key Victories

The client achieved many deliveries through its new architecture. A single version of the truth was established for their client data enabling them to better understand their behaviours. The customer lifecycle was connected up through sales and marketing to operations and finance to enable them to connect information throughout their business.

In one instance the new information provided enabled the business to identify £5M of additional revenue opportunity and cost savings paying for the investment many times over. The ability to create a single version of the truth through senior management and down into operations enabled the business to make more accurate and informed decisions leading to improved operating efficiency and more targeted customer initiatives.

The MI team was able to centralise their efforts into an improved and more operationally efficient architecture leading to a reduction in the number of reports and an ability to take on additional work.

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