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Independent Valuation and Risk Analytics (IVRA)

Advanced, hosted Independent Valuation, Pricing, Hedging and Risk Monitoring including VaR and Stress Testing
The Problem

Investors and regulators are demanding increasing levels of control over pricing and valuations. Regulatory responsibilities of an ACD (Authorised Corporate Director) include the need to provide independent controls.

The systems and quantitative capabilities required to support independent risk and valuations capabilities for complex derivatives are too onerous, and costly for many firms.

Asset managers internal systems often lack the ability to add new products quickly or to run new risk scenarios. Banks with run off portfolios are having to maintain costly internal systems infrastructure and expertise, to support non-core portfolios.

The Solution

Kinaesis, with our partners CloudRisk, provide a flexible and scalable service for Hedge Funds, Banks, Asset Managers and Third Party Administrators. It is an on-demand, interactive service, delivered via software as a service package which includes independent valuation, pricing, hedging, risk monitoring and client reporting.

The service provides our clients with full model transparency and is designed to handle the most complex and exotic products. The service also includes access to a significant model library, which can be combined and enhanced for bespoke modelling engagements and consulting from our quantitative experts.


  • Transparent, flexible and reliable valuation and risk services for complex and exotic derivative transactions.
  • Leading edge analytics and tier-one reliability and accuracy
  • Platform designed with scalability and reliability at its core, utilising in-house and public cloud infrastructure
  • CloudRisk resources available to extend clients' internal research and risk management capabilities
Key Features

Kinaesis CloudRisk provides valuations and risk advisory for a wide set of products including:

  • Structured Credit (CDO, CLN, CDS, NthToDefault, CDS and Index Options etc.)
  • Equities (Futures, Exchange Traded Options on Indices and on Futures etc.)
  • Interest Rates (Bonds, Swaps, Caps/Floors, Swaptions)
  • Commodities (Options and Swaps on baskets and single underlyings, Time Spread options, Interconnectors etc.)
  • FX (Barriers, American digitals/binaries, Multicurrency and other second generation options)

Cross Correlation

Our services are in daily use by Hedge Funds and Banks for hedging, price validation, risk monitoring/management and customer reporting.

All our subscription based services are delivered as SaaS (Software as a Service) and are deployed and operated on CloudRisk’s own infrastructure and do not require any additional installation on customer’s infrastructure.


Valuations and Risk are delivered at predetermined frequency as customized reports or integrated in customers’ risk management system:

  • Daily (EOD, BOD)
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

On-Demand Valuation and Risk:

  • Excel Add-In – provides flexible and convenient way for building bespoke and on demand Pricing, Valuation, Risk and Stress-Testing Excel based applications.


  • JSON web API – lightweight API allowing for an on-demand integration of customers’ own internal trading and risk platforms with the valuation and risk service.
How It Works

CloudRisk’s in-house developed technology platform CANTOR is specifically designed to support the complex and exotic derivative products. It utilises cutting edge grid, cloud and GPU technologies in order to satisfy the huge computational requirements of the modern valuation analytics while providing our customers with an interactive and on-demand platform.

CANTOR’s scalability goes beyond the standard capabilities of performing scheduled or on-demand calculations but is able as well to deliver real-time valuations and risk analysis across the full range of supported products.

CANTOR provides as well exceptional flexibility in managing market and trade data. It supports multiple end-of-day market data sets and multiple market data sources including standard data providers and user input.

The platform’s flexibility allows as well for proprietary customer valuation modules or libraries to be used in the calculations for all of the customer portfolios or individual instruments.

  • Transparent, flexible and reliable pricing & risk management of complex derivative transactions
  • Covering Structured Credit, Equities, Interest Rates, Commodities and FX
  • One off pricing of individual structures or portfolios
  • EOD or intra-day risk & valuation
  • VaR (Historic, Parametric, MonteCarlo)
  • Stress testing & scenario analysis
  • Advanced platform designed from the ground up with scalability, flexibility and resilience in mind.
  • Ability to extend in-house quantitative capabilities