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The Problem

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It is extremely challenging for firms to get consistent, transparent investor-level information held within Fund Supermarkets and Nominees sub-registers. Data, when it is available, is provided at inconsistent levels, with inconsistent content and variable levels of data quality. This makes it hard to aggregate information across platforms for compliance and sales reporting. This leads to an onerous operational overhead for firms to comply with FCA "Know Your Register" requirements. Sales teams are similarly affected - significant time is spent attempting to mine Investor-level information from various sub-registers and there is a lack of any real analytics on current investor base to support sales efforts. Solving this problem internally would require high levels of investment and technical expertise that most managers don't possess in-house.

The Solution

Built specifically for the Investment Management sector in conjunction with an Investment management client, Clarity "Know Your Register" functionality provides Investment Managers with the capability to view all their IFA holdings information from Fund Supermarkets and Nominees on one single Dashboard. This tool brings together data from across all constituent Fund Supermarkets and Nominees for consistent MI reporting.

Kinaesis liaise with the external parties who hold sub-registers on your behalf and create a hosted version of your expanded main register. The core data is then enriched with additional information from the FCA and Companies House to allow Geoplots, risk assessments, targeted marketing and other IFA focussed activities.

Our service delivery model allows everyone in your organisation to have a specifically tailored user experience depending on their individual role via graphically defined Dashboards and drill-downs.

Your compliance team can review liquidity, concentration and exposure risk whilst your sales, account management and marketing teams can undertake trend analysis of significant subscriptions and redemptions allowing them to target specific IFAs for additional care.

Availability across a range of mobile platforms gives users outside of the office access to up to date information about IFAs and their holdings. Advanced self-service reporting using the latest technologies also allows each user to create their own "what if" scenarios, graphical outputs and detailed analysis as a full data schema is also available.

Key features

Master Dashboard:

The standard dashboard shows holdings per Fund Supermarket, per Fund and per Investor and also the status of external data feeds. Geoplots demonstrate how your holdings are spread and where redemptions are being undertaken based on the selected time period. In addition, high level information about concentration risk and holdings summary is also displayed.

Leveraging the power of the latest technologies in data analytics and reporting platforms, the user is able to apply multi-level filters and selection criteria plus drill down from summary level to the underlying data.

Master Dashboard


The enrichment process undertaken during data population brings in significant additional information around the underlying IFA’s. This data is then additionally cross referenced with other sources to provide a much fuller picture of the IFA.

From this data, we are able to not only plot where an IFA is based but also the size of its holding and whether there have been significant movements within any defined period.

By default this is shown at county level but the user can drill down to town and then to individual IFA. The size and depth of colour of each plot demonstrates size and activity.

Geoplots are provided covering Holdings, Subscriptions and Redemptions as standard.


Concentration, Exposure and Liquidity Risk:

The standard dashboard also provides a breakdown of IFA concentration risk at a high level. More detailed analysis is also provided at IFA and Share Class level which allows for the differentiation in types of holder (eg. Retail vs Institutional).

Concentration Risk

How it works


We have partnered with Consolidata to make this capability available as a Managed Service. This provides scalability to increase number of funds with minimal additional effort around data loading, processing and reporting. Data quality checks are built in. All data is prepared, conformed to a consistent model and made available to end users in a straightforward analytical model that supports self-service reporting. Historical data is held to allow online Trend Analysis. Microsoft Power BI provides a rich, intuitive analytical front end.

All this is delivered in a scalable highly secure service model which is hosted by Rackspace who are ISO 27001:2005 Certified and CDSA Content Protection and Security Standard Certified.

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