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Kinaesis DataOps platform accelerates product innovations

By Allan Eyears ·

Kinaesis DataOps Platform

The basis of Kinaesis’ product strategy has been to work in partnership with our Financial Services clients. The overarching goal was to create a DataOps platform that enabled our clients intuitive access to a range of advanced analytics capabilities, without the need for data experts.

Kinaesis commenced product development in 2016 in conjunction with a key Investment Management firm. To meet their initial requirements, Kinaesis developed two solutions; Clarity Analytics and Know Your Register (KYR).

Clarity Analytics was conceived as a metadata driven data management platform to accelerate the ingestion, processing and storage of a range of data formats. KYR leverages this platform to deliver functionality specific to sales and compliance analytics requirements for Investment Managers.

Commenting about KYR, a senior director at the Investment Management fund said:

"We have used Kinaesis KYR for over 4 years to provide comprehensive, detailed and complete breakdowns of intermediary activity across all registers. During that time, KYR has enables us to significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of both our Operational Reporting and also our Sales and Marketing activities, through the improved delivery of up-to-date and accurate data. I would recommend KYR to all Fund Managers who struggle to understand their intermediary distribution."

Operations Director

Based on this initial success, Kinaesis continued its expansion of its DataOps platform to develop Clarity Metadata Visualiser in partnership with a large Retail Bank, enabling them to deliver efficiencies in their BCBS 239 compliance process.

Clarity Metadata Visualiser provides the ability to enhance traditional technical lineage visualisation to analyse an organisation’s data pipelines by factors such as Risk, Importance and data Ownership.

A key yet complex aspiration for Kinaesis in this strategy, was to target the use of EUCs (End User Computing – e.g. the use of Excel, Access etc.) in the business and enable firms to expedite the discovery, decomposition and migration of these EUCs to core managed systems. The development of Kinaesis Acutect in conjunction with a large Investment Bank, has resulted in the initial steps on this path.

Fundamental to this innovative strategy has been the development of the underlying DataOps platform. Based on Kinaesis’ proprietary six IMPACT pillars, we have created a platform that is both extensible and supports collaboration. Using the latest data technologies and “Container” techniques, has facilitated easy deployment on either cloud, on-premise or in a hybrid scenario and has enabled our Innovation team to deliver rapid results across a number of use cases in Analytics, Governance, and Legacy migration.

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