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EUCs need proper considered management to release their potential.
Wishing you a Very Happy Christmas holiday season 2021
Watch Simon Trewin's presentation at the Data Leaders World Congress
Save 30% on the DataOps Revolution: Delivering the data driven enterprise.
DataOps Thinktank on LinkedIn reaches 700 data professionals
Kinaesis Acutect News
Kinaesis DataOps platform accelerates product innovations
Kinaesis has been selected for a SMART grant from Innovate UK, the UK Government’s innovation agency
Latest DataOps News from Kinaesis
DataKitchen’s DataOps 101 course live on the DataOps Academy
DataKitchen are now Contributing to the DataOps Academy
Simon Trewin will be presenting at the Data Leaders World Congress
New and Improved Kinaesis Website
Kinaesis have hired Joshua Trewin as an intern
Simon Trewin provides his input to DevOps online to explain why DataOps is essential to drive business value
DataOps Academy: How does the Six IMPACT pillars DataOps methodology integrate with SAFe?
DataOps Revolution
Kinaesis is hiring!
Kinaesis launch online demo of KYR
Is small data holding back your ambitions to be more data driven?
Edward Chu joins Kinaesis Innovation team
DataOps Academy: Target Pillar Introduction Offer
DataOps Academy: Target Pillar Release
What to expect from us for the rest of 2021
Online DataOps Training from Kinaesis
Differentiation through DataOps - Webinar Recording
Differentiation Through DataOps in Financial Services
Kinaesis is 10 Years Old
Kinaesis Acutect: Leveraging DataOps to organise and rationalise small data
Kinaesis KYR : Six great features for Investment Managers
The untapped potential of your EUC estate
Kinaesis wins R&D development grant
Kinaesis / Mitratech End-User Computing Roundtable
Kinaesis is hiring for new roles!
Kinaesis End-User Computing Reform : Control and migrate your estate
How does DataOps make a difference?
DataOps Requirements Process
Why you need DataOps
What is the extensible platforms pillar within the DataOps methodology?
Get control of your glossaries to set yourself up for success
Kinaesis mentioned in SD Times
Why DataOps should come before (and during) your Analytics and AI
DataOps Pillar: (Collaborative) Analytics
Launch: DataOps Courses
Announcement: First Kinaesis DataOps Course
DataOps Pillar: Instrument
FIMA - download ‘The Difference is DataOps’
DataKitchen Partnership
News: Solidatus Partnership
DataOps Pillar: Metadata
What is DataOps?
Mango Solutions Partnership
Power BI Partnership Announcement
DataOps Pillar: Control
DataOps Pillar: Target
SAS Forum UK 2018 Review
DataOps at Kinaesis
Kinaesis Sponsors CDO Exchange
FIMA Sponsorship Announcement
What to expect from us in 2018.
NORMAN & SONS and Kinaesis Partnership Announcement.
Don't be schooled. Learn your facts on how GDPR is actually affecting Credit Checks.
Experiences at the Risk Network
Kinaesis announce new DataOps partnership.
Kinaesis sponsors the Risk Network for the second year running.
MiFID II: What's the Problem?!
The best throw with the Dice is to throw them away
Take your partners for the GDPR tango.
Taking off with DataOps
The theory, reality and somewhere in between.
Why BCBS 239 Still Matters.
Kinaesis Wins New Data Governance Deal.
Kinaesis wins SAS Special Partnership award for BCBS 239 project success
Review: The Risk Network
Review: 5th Risk and Data Aggregation Forum
Sponsorship Announcement: The Risk Network.
Welcome Phil Marsden to Kinaesis!
Kinaesis sponsors the 5th Edition Risk Data Aggregation and Reporting Forum
Advanced Analytics - Speeding up time to insight / compliance and reducing risk
Kinaesis Signs Strategic Partnership with SAS
Ambient Intelligence meets Business Intelligence in the Cloud
Kinaesis sponsors the 4th Edition Risk Data Aggregation and Reporting Forum
Kinaesis has great first half year performance.
Kinaesis' growth reflected in new and improved website.
Kinaesis' growth continues on 2015, with yet another great first half of the year.
Kinaesis repeats the success of the first half of 2014, with a great second half year performance.