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FIMA - download ‘The Difference is DataOps’

Posted by Emma McMahon on 21 December 2018
FIMA - download ‘The Difference is DataOps’

We have just released our ‘The Difference is DataOps’ introductory talk! As presented by Kinaesis Partner Simon Trewin at the FIMA conference in November 2018, talking through the DataOps Six Pillars and how they help businesses to grow and thrive.

Click here to download for free!

You can now also book onto DataOps Courses with Kinaesis, click here for details.

Wishing you all a happy Christmas from everyone at Kinaesis.

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FIMA Sponsorship Announcement

Posted by Emma McMahon on 19 November 2018
FIMA Sponsorship Announcement

We are delighted that we are attending FIMA 2018 as joint sponsors and speakers with our partner SAS. We are very much looking forward to demonstrating how we work together to guide organisations to power their data strategy and their analytical capabilities.

Simon Trewin, a Director and Co-founder of Kinaesis, will be presenting a talk on ‘The Difference is DataOps’ at 2.20pm in the ‘Quality and Remediation’ (B) stream. Don’t miss it!

We are looking forward to seeing our fellow members of the financial services community at the event!

Kinaesis Sponsors CDO Exchange

Posted by Emma McMahon on 05 October 2018
Kinaesis Sponsors CDO Exchange

We are delighted to be co-sponsoring the CDO Exchange Financial Services 2018 with our partner MicroStrategy. The CDO Exchange will be held on the 16-17 October and attracts the top Data talent to meet and exchange ideas to shape the future.

We will be showcasing Kinaesis Springboard with MicroStrategy which demonstrates how our financial services domain knowledge complements MicroStrategy's market-leading enterprise analytics and mobility platform. This solution champions flexibility and responsiveness to core business reporting challenges while preventing the proliferation of localised data silos.

Kinaesis are excited to be a part of the CDO Exchange and we look forward to catching up with our friends, colleagues and clients in the Data community.

Any further queries please direct to

What is DataOps?

Posted by Emma McMahon on 27 September 2018
What is DataOps?

A simple definition

DataOps is a pervasive, automated methodology for managing data pipelines and ensuring compliance, data quality and quick time to market for analytics.

DataOps before DataOps

Is DataOps new? Certainly not! Companies like Kinaesis have been doing it for years under various guises. We have known it as operations development, data management, data tooling, data visualisation and data analytics to name but a few. DataOps is the concept that ties these services that augment and drive organisations into one neat package.

The concept of DataOps

In 2014, DataOps was coined as a term by Lenny Liebmann, Contributing Editor of Information Week, in a blog post on the IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub. It has since been adopted sporadically by multiple companies, gaining momentum and popularity in the last couple of years.

The benefits of DataOps

DataOps benefits every stakeholder in an organisation – which is to be expected from a methodology that controls and automates every stage in the production of information.

For the business: Quicker response to change, information supply closely follows business terminology and stronger analytics platforms for power users

For the CDO: Clear, automatic regulatory paper trail, full lineage and quality information
For the modeller and analyst: More powerful platforms, better quality input data, improved model control and collaboration

For the IT manager: Accelerated software development, fewer defects, better alignment between software delivery and business needs.

Kinaesis and DataOps

Kinaesis was an early adopter of DataOps without realising it! We recognised that DataOps was simply a formal description of the practices and tooling that we already had in place. Kinaesis brings a unique perspective on DataOps tailored to the needs of financial services – with an emphasis on quality, lineage and the application of DataOps to complex and high volume information.

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SAS Forum UK 2018 Review

Posted by Emma McMahon on 25 June 2018
SAS Forum UK 2018 Review

We would like to thank SAS for inviting our Director and Co-Founder, Simon Trewin, to talk at the SAS Forum UK this year. Simon said the event was very exciting and brought a fresh, progressive perspective into how SAS is paving the way forward for businesses.

Simon spoke about how our DataOps approach blends with SAS tooling, showcasing our work on agile development, governance and modelling. The presentation, ‘Accelerating Analytics with Agile Governance’, is available to download either on the SAS Forum website or click here to request a copy.

We were delighted by the turn out and would like to thank the attendees, especially those who provided us with such positive feedback!

DataOps at Kinaesis

Posted by Benjamin Peterson on 10 May 2018
DataOps at Kinaesis

The core concepts behind DataOps drive everything that we do at Kinaesis.

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Kinaesis DataOps is a powerful toolkit for creating data-driven business change, covering people, process and technology. We use it to manage the entire data pipeline, from requirements and vision to analytics and presentation.

We specialise in applying DataOps within the financial sector to achieve compliance, cost savings and revenue growth. Our approach to DataOps reflects the specific needs and challenges of the sector and our experience as long time practitioners and SMEs.

Where does Kinaesis DataOps come from?

Kinaesis DataOps is a new approach to delivering data, based on a methodology that has proved successful in software delivery. Our DataOps Pillars are more than a set of best practices; each of our pillars within DataOps blends lessons learnt in the software world with solutions appropriate for the more challenging world of data.

To truly maximise the value of DataOps requires more than knowledge of DevOps and tooling; it requires a deep familiarity with data management, analytics and sector specific needs. That is what drives our interpretation of DataOps into these Six Pillars:

Instrument: Instrument the data flow every step of the way using profiling, DQ and monitoring to create a clear view of data reliability and timeliness. Always present data quality information with actual data.

Metadata: Maintain clear business definitions and models; keep them connected to your data and up to date.

(Extensible) Platforms: Data needs to be leveraged and the business will always come up with new demands. Open standards, IT components that interoperate well, clear contracts and operating models are essential to ensure that new demands can always be met.

(Collaborative) Analytics: Make sure that data consumers can collaborate together along with IT and data owners.

Control: Meet quality, attestation and audit targets by applying proper version control and proper release management. Channel the output of instrumentation into strong exception handling and DQ processes.

Target: Make sure the data pipeline is driven by a business vision, not just by the data that happens to be available. Map out user journeys and visions to drive technical change.


Back in 2008, a group of tried and tested software development practices combined with some new tooling that improved environment and release management were bundled together as DevOps. DevOps is the principal inspiration behind DataOps and generated the requirement for version control, release management, environment management and documentation.

DataOps takes the emphasis on collaboration, quick release cycles and iterative refinement from Agile development methodology.

The focus on instrumentation comes from Lean; Lean methodologies propose that fully instrumenting a supply chain is necessary to optimise it. Our DataOps vision takes this a little further - not just the supply chain itself, but the data, needs to be instrumented.

Finally, from User Experience (UX) development comes a toolkit for generating vision and requirements by interaction and exploration with the business. This is essential if DataOps is to be more than just optimisation!

Experiences at the Risk Network

Posted by Emma McMahon on 03 November 2017
Experiences at the Risk Network

On the 16th and 17th October, we sponsored the Risk Network conference run by the Network Group that took place in Runnymede. This event is attended annually by the most influential minds in risk strategy and management. This is our second year as a sponsor and Barney Walker, our Head of Banking, presented on how business value can truly be gained through regulatory compliance.

The conference was as enjoyable as always, generating great opportunities to meet and have healthy discussions with our clients and colleagues within the Risk community. We identified several new avenues where Kinaesis capabilities can be used to diagnose and solve upcoming challenges.

We would like to thank everyone who attended Barney’s talk ‘Growth through Regulation - How to use regulatory changes to propel your business forward’ and also those with whom we had the pleasure of having one-to-one meetings.

If you are interested to hear more about our products or services then please contact us at

Review: The Risk Network

Posted by Gillian Gray on 26 October 2016
Review: The Risk Network

Kinaesis and SAS representatives relax at the end of a very busy two days at the Risk Network which we jointly sponsored. The event proved to be a very successful conference with attendees from across the Financial Services and we look forward to being a sponsor at next year’s event.

Sponsorship Announcement: The Risk Network.

Posted by Gillian Gray on 14 September 2016
Sponsorship Announcement: The Risk Network.

We are proud to announce we will be jointly sponsoring a further event alongside our partners SAS. The Risk Network event will take place on 17-18 Oct 2016 in Runnymede-Upon-Thames, Surrey. For further details, such as arranging to meet with our consultants, please email

Review: 5th Risk and Data Aggregation Forum

Posted on 02 May 2016
Review: 5th Risk and Data Aggregation Forum

We previously announced that we were jointly sponsoring the 5th Risk and Data Aggregation Forum on the 28th and 29th April with our partner SAS. The event was focussing primarily on BCBS 239 and analysing the progress within the financial community in complying with these regulations.

Members of our senior management team Barney Walker, Simon Trewin and Benjamin Petersen contributed valuable discussion points through their presentation entitled ‘How to surf the data regulation wave and come out on top’ along with our partner SAS. This focussed on topical issues such as:

  1. How to propel an organisation from material compliance to mature, comprehensive on-going capability using industry leading tools and approach.
  2. How to build an integrated software platform that offers benefits and savings for the business, not just for compliance.
  3. How to gain dramatic insights from the lineage and quality of data, measuring progress and maturity with ground-breaking visualisation.

If you are interested in finding out more about the BCBS 239 nuggets of wisdom Kinaesis discussed at the event, click here to download our thought leadership piece.

Kinaesis sponsors the 4th Edition Risk Data Aggregation and Reporting Forum

Posted on 06 October 2015

Kinaesis are pleased to announce they are co-sponsoring this event, which focusses on comparing standards for BCBS239 across GSIBs and DSIBs and sets out plans for 2016 and beyond. Delegates who attend, will discover practical steps to implementation and integration of BCBS 239 data principles.

Kinaesis are one of the sponsors of this event, as we work with our clients on BCBS 239 solutions. We use our skills and frameworks for visualising and rationalising their meta-data contributions, leading to increased insight and improved management of complex lineage and dependencies.

Come and join us:

Time: 19th-20th November 2015.

Location: Marriott Hotel, West India Quay, London, E14 4ED

To find out more about this event, please click here

Kinaesis is co-hosting a Big Data breakfast briefing with Actian and Hortonworks.

Posted on 25 February 2015

Kinaesis is pleased to announce their co-hosting of an event with Actian and Hortonworks, focusing on High Performance SQL Reporting for Hadoop. The event will address key questions such as "relational databases and reporting 'cubes' are at capacity and growing by the month, you're looking to run insightful analytics to target new customer opportunities and pinpoint cost savings, your users are demanding response times for BI and reporting at breakneck speed; how do you affordably scale?"

Kinaesis are also presenting our new white paper on “How to build an effective data management strategy”, leveraging the latest data platforms to meet financial services regulatory requirements.

Come and join us:

Time: Feb 26, 2015 – 8:15-10.30am.

Location: Coq d’Argent Restaurant, No 1 Poultry, London EC2R 8EJ.

To register click here.

Big Data Analytics 2013.

Posted on 25 October 2013

Please contact us about how to make sure your Big Data Analytics solution leverages our experience, project templates and accelerators, to deliver fast ROI. To find out more about the event, please go to LinkedIn.