Major European Bank standardises and delivers a governed reporting solution with the help of Kinaesis | Kinaesis
Major European Bank
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Major European Bank standardises and delivers a governed reporting solution with the help of Kinaesis

The problem

Our client faced major data challenges in building an integrated data, reporting and control environment for its Finance department. There were many disparate sources of data, all reported on independently with business logic embedded in a multitude of data transfer processes.

There was no centralised definition of data leading to inconsistent reporting and usage across the organisation. Data issues made it impossible to deliver management reporting requirements and to meet regulatory obligations. These challenges resulted in long project lead times and a high cost of change.

A strategic reporting project had been running for two years, but was struggling to deliver at anywhere near the required speed and was missing targeted returns on investment. Data quality clean up and lineage projects were unable to keep pace with the rate of change in the environment.

How we helped

Kinaesis designed an architecture and an operating model that embedded data governance and quality into the operational and change process.

Kinaesis helped our client to create a dynamic governed data refinery to act as the single source of truth for all reporting. The architecture supports strong governance alongside fast modelling and definition of data by business experts.

Kinaesis built a meta-data driven data on-boarding capability which is fully integrated into the data governance and change process.

Key Victories

The project resulted in a very significant acceleration in delivery and increase in return on investment. Data was exposed quickly to users.

The solution embedded data governance and quality into operational processes and the change cycle preventing data definitions and lineage from becoming out of date and developing trust in the underlying data. This resulted in a clearly defined and consistent single source of the truth being leveraged by a broad set of users from an early stage.

The solution enabled fast on-boarding of new data leading to accelerated expansion of data coverage. The solution significantly increased flexibility to adapt to changing requirements.

The success of this solution for Finance led to the expansion in scope of the programme to cover Risk and Treasury in addition to Finance.