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Large Consumer Insurance Company
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Large Consumer Insurance Company delivers a data management change programme with the help of Kinaesis

The problem

Our Client had recently been acquired by private equity and they were looking for a step change in performance, revenue growth and cost control. Their existing management information was fragmented and inconsistent causing considerable amounts of confusion and frustration amongst the senior executives.

The management information that they received in the periodic reporting packs was contradicting the operational information that middle management and supervisors were using. The new management wanted to transform the business and they needed accurate and consistent information to work from.

The clients existing information management department were aligned to work independently with their sponsors to produce the data they required and the solution was therefore fragmented and inconsistent. They were using old technology which meant every report took many man hours to produce and there were too many reports.

How we helped

Kinesis's started with a short engagement to migrate one of their target management information systems over to a new operating model. We built a new data model and loaded data from the legacy systems cleansing it and identifying inconsistencies as we worked.

Following this we provided a team of data SMEs to work across a number of business areas to grow the initial solution and process. As part of the engagement we put together a target operating model for the existing staff as well as identifying training and completing skills transfer.

Key Victories

The client achieved many deliveries through its new architecture. A single version of the truth was established for their client data enabling them to feed into their marketing and sales processes. The customer lifecycle was connected up through sales and marketing to operations and finance to enable them to connect information throughout their business.

In one instance the new information enabled the business to identify £5M of uncollected revenue in one business area alone paying for the investment in new tools many times over. The ability to create a single version of the truth through senior management and down into operations enabled the business to make more accurate and informed decisions leading to improved operating efficiency and more targeted customer initiatives.

The MI team was able to centralise their efforts into an improved and more operationally efficient architecture leading to a reduction in the number of reports and the roll out of more interactive content.