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Back End (Services) Developer
Environments Developer
Back End (Services) Developer

Contract Type: Permanent

This is a key application development role within Kinaesis. The role is responsible for both internal and consulting project engagements and will require the successful applicant to own the technical architecture of the overall solution, where required. An expert understanding of backend (services) architecture is essential for this role, as is the knowledge of 3rd party technology and new technology trends. Collaboration with colleagues specialising in front-end development and data engineering to share best practice, advice and techniques will be essential for success in this role.

To apply, please submit your CV here

Key Project Experience and Skills

The core requirements of the role are as follows:
• Minimum 5+ years of back end development
• Ability to apply industry standard development approaches specifically agile continuous integration, continuous delivery
• Detailed Design, Coding, and Testing (Unit/CIT) of custom controls within an existing product framework
• Support for SIT and system test
• Cross platform compatibility, tools and familiarity with web security, accessibility and internationalization concepts
• Strong written and verbal English language communication skills

Required Skills:
• Knowledge of Micro-services architectures along with REST API development
• Data serialisation protocols such as JSON, Parquet etc
• Asynchronous service / application development
• Python Flask
• Container technologies such as Docker / Kubernetes
• Agile development practices including the ability to manage source control with Git
• SQL / Database development (i.e. Postgres, SQL Server)
• Experience of Web Services (i.e. REST API’s, Nginx etc)
• Elasticsearch
• Microsoft Azure

Preferred Skills:
• Experience of developing in a cloud environment – preferably Microsoft Azure
• Experience with open source technologies e.g. Flask, Pandas
• Knowledge of security CORS, JWT, etc