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DataOps Academy: Target Pillar Introduction Offer

Posted by Simon Trewin on 16 December 2020
DataOps Academy:  Target Pillar Introduction Offer

Great Bundle of DataOps Resources to start your DataOps journey!

We have bundled our DataOps Target Pillar course with our DataOps – Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) video and included a free copy of the DataOps Revolution Book due out on the 6 August. All for the same price as our standard DataOps Target Pillar training course.

To get hold of this bundle follow this link

DataOps Academy: How does the Six IMPACT pillars DataOps methodology integrate with SAFe?

Posted by Simon Trewin on 15 December 2020
DataOps Academy:  How does the Six IMPACT pillars DataOps methodology integrate with SAFe?

How do you leverage our DataOps six IMPACT pillars alongside your SAFe agile methodology?

We get asked this question a lot. Many organisations have rolled out a SAFe agile methodology for software development in their organisations. Where does our DataOps Six Pillars methodology fit into this?

This new DataOps academy video provides you with the knowledge you need to understand how to apply SAFe effectively to a data and analytics project by leveraging the Six IMPACT pillars of DataOps.

Click on this link to access this new course.

DataOps Revolution

Posted by Simon Trewin on 14 December 2020
DataOps Revolution

Having access to reliable data is key to being able to make informed decisions and provide service levels to your customers that the digital world demands. The first realisation of this has manifested itself in the recognition of the Chief Data Officer role. It has driven executives to employ strategists and consultants to move their organisations forward. The strategy has been described accurately, the gap is that it is hard to drive this through the organisation and deliver the results that are now expected.

DataOps Revolution describes a methodology and approach that is proven to work. It connects the strategy with the people on the ground that must implement the changes required. It is based on real life scenarios that exist and describes the keys to transformational success. The DataOps approach is told in a narrative style to appeal and resonate with as many people involved in the data revolution as possible. We hope that it leads you to improving your delivery and the value you’re your data and analytics projects to accelerating your data driven initiatives.

DataOps Revolution is available to pre-order here