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DataOps at Kinaesis

Posted by Benjamin Peterson on 10 May 2018
DataOps at Kinaesis

The core concepts behind DataOps drive everything that we do at Kinaesis.

Kinaesis DataOps is a powerful toolkit for creating data-driven business change, covering people, process and technology. We use it to manage the entire data pipeline, from requirements and vision to analytics and presentation.

We specialise in applying DataOps within the financial sector to achieve compliance, cost savings and revenue growth. Our approach to DataOps reflects the specific needs and challenges of the sector and our experience as long time practitioners and SMEs.

Where does Kinaesis DataOps come from?

Kinaesis DataOps is a new approach to delivering data, based on a methodology that has proved successful in software delivery. Our DataOps Pillars are more than a set of best practices; each of our pillars within DataOps blends lessons learnt in the software world with solutions appropriate for the more challenging world of data.

To truly maximise the value of DataOps requires more than knowledge of DevOps and tooling; it requires a deep familiarity with data management, analytics and sector specific needs. That is what drives our interpretation of DataOps into these Six Pillars:


Design: Make sure the data pipeline is driven by a business vision, not just by the data that happens to be available. Map out user journeys and visions to drive technical change.

Instrumentation: Instrument the data flow every step of the way using profiling, DQ and monitoring to create a clear view of data reliability and timeliness. Always present data quality information with actual data.

Global metadata: Maintain clear business definitions and models; keep them connected to your data and up to date.

Collaborative Analytics: Make sure that data consumers can collaborate together along with IT and data owners.

Governance: Meet quality, attestation and audit targets by applying proper version control and proper release management. Channel the output of instrumentation into strong exception handling and DQ processes.

Extensible platforms: Data needs to be leveraged and the business will always come up with new demands. Open standards, IT components that interoperate well, clear contracts and operating models are essential to ensure that new demands can always be met.



Back in 2008, a group of tried and tested software development practices combined with some new tooling that improved environment and release management were bundled together as DevOps. DevOps is the principal inspiration behind DataOps and generated the requirement for version control, release management, environment management and documentation.

DataOps takes the emphasis on collaboration, quick release cycles and iterative refinement from Agile development methodology.

The focus on instrumentation comes from Lean; Lean methodologies propose that fully instrumenting a supply chain is necessary to optimise it. Our DataOps vision takes this a little further - not just the supply chain itself, but the data, needs to be instrumented.

Finally, from User Experience (UX) development comes a toolkit for generating vision and requirements by interaction and exploration with the business. This is essential if DataOps is to be more than just optimisation!

What to expect from us in 2018.

Posted by Emma McMahon on 16 January 2018
What to expect from us in 2018.

We are anticipating a busy but exciting 2018 at Kinaesis! The industry’s priorities over the next year are mainly driven by regulatory change. Here are some quick highlights of what is filling up our calendar in the next 12 months to meet these challenges:


Kinaesis are working with our clients to define the scope of work needed to achieve GDPR compliance. It’s not just a race to meet the deadline of 25th May 2018 but actually implementing maintainable solutions that will ensure continued compliance.

For an overview of our services and accelerators, click here or if you are interested in something more specialised, please email us here.


Implementation of MiFID II continues through 2018 and our specialist tools for target market identification/design/validation provide solutions around product governance. In addition, we provide wider MiFID II consultancy for selected clients.


We are seeing a sharp rise in demand for our DataOps expertise and services. We have several new partners which enhances our DataOps capabilities. We look forward to introducing you to the work we are performing with our partners SAS, MicroStrategy and NORMAN & SONS. We are also excited to be working with Snowflake on a new project with their cutting edge, enterprise data warehouse, built for the Cloud.


As we move towards the first reporting date, in 2019, under the new standards developed as part of the Fundamental Review of Trading Book (FRTB), the focus is on the implementation of a sustainable operational process to ensure effective ongoing compliance. The new standards demand daily monitoring, controls and reporting to ensure capital requirements are met on a continuous basis. This presents a complex data, reporting and operating model challenge for banks.

In 2018, Kinaesis will help clients to build high performing, sustainable solutions for FRTB. We will be using our accelerators, expert resources and agile delivery to help banks to address the risk modelling, data modelling, architecture and process challenges.

BCBS 239:

The implications of BCBS 239 for DSIBs and GSIBs remain wide-reaching and demanding for both organisations who have gained compliance and those who are aiming to achieve it. Existing BCBS solutions, in many cases, cause greater operational overheads and onerous change management processes. Expected gains and benefits in analytic and reporting capability also fail to materialise.

Kinaesis in 2018 will continue to help both DSIBs and GSIBs with their respective levels of BCBS 239 compliance. We know how to leverage the recurring challenge in gaining benefit from work already undertaken to meet the regulations and are changing the way our clients deal with Risk. Read more about BCBS 239 + here.

If you’re reading this and the above sounds horribly familiar, we would love to help you with your challenges, talk to us here

NORMAN & SONS and Kinaesis Partnership Announcement.

Posted by Emma McMahon on 22 November 2017
NORMAN & SONS and Kinaesis Partnership Announcement.

We are delighted to announce that we have just signed a partnership agreement with digital design firm NORMAN & SONS. NORMAN & SONS is a forward-thinking business with revolutionary design concepts in the capital markets space.

In this partnership, we will be working together on advances in Risk management. We will be focussing on the development of new solutions, utilising the Kinaesis DataOps data management approach and NORMAN & SONS DesignOps human-centred approach.

Simon Trewin, Director of Kinaesis, welcomed in the new partnership by saying, “We’ve always prided ourselves on delivering what a business truly wants and NORMAN & SONS are experts in eliciting a vision. Connecting that vision to physical delivery is the perfect match for our philosophy. Together, we can provide fast innovation to move our clients’ business thinking forward.”

Graeme Harker, Managing Partner of NORMAN & SONS, added, "our clients know that delivering innovative solutions that really make a difference to the business is about combining great product design with great software and data architecture. Together we cover all of the bases.”

We would like to take this opportunity to officially welcome them as our Partner.

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