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Kinaesis Sponsors CDO Exchange

Posted by Emma McMahon on 05 October 2018
Kinaesis Sponsors CDO Exchange

We are delighted to be co-sponsoring the CDO Exchange Financial Services 2018 with our partner MicroStrategy. The CDO Exchange will be held on the 16-17 October and attracts the top Data talent to meet and exchange ideas to shape the future.

We will be showcasing Kinaesis Springboard with MicroStrategy which demonstrates how our financial services domain knowledge complements MicroStrategy's market-leading enterprise analytics and mobility platform. This solution champions flexibility and responsiveness to core business reporting challenges while preventing the proliferation of localised data silos.

Kinaesis are excited to be a part of the CDO Exchange and we look forward to catching up with our friends, colleagues and clients in the Data community.

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What is DataOps?

Posted by Emma McMahon on 27 September 2018
What is DataOps?

A simple definition

DataOps is a pervasive, automated methodology for managing data pipelines and ensuring compliance, data quality and quick time to market for analytics.

DataOps before DataOps

Is DataOps new? Certainly not! Companies like Kinaesis have been doing it for years under various guises. We have known it as operations development, data management, data tooling, data visualisation and data analytics to name but a few. DataOps is the concept that ties these services that augment and drive organisations into one neat package.

The concept of DataOps

In 2014, DataOps was coined as a term by Lenny Liebmann, Contributing Editor of Information Week, in a blog post on the IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub. It has since been adopted sporadically by multiple companies, gaining momentum and popularity in the last couple of years.

The benefits of DataOps

DataOps benefits every stakeholder in an organisation – which is to be expected from a methodology that controls and automates every stage in the production of information.

For the business: Quicker response to change, information supply closely follows business terminology and stronger analytics platforms for power users

For the CDO: Clear, automatic regulatory paper trail, full lineage and quality information
For the modeller and analyst: More powerful platforms, better quality input data, improved model control and collaboration

For the IT manager: Accelerated software development, fewer defects, better alignment between software delivery and business needs.

Kinaesis and DataOps

Kinaesis was an early adopter of DataOps without realising it! We recognised that DataOps was simply a formal description of the practices and tooling that we already had in place. Kinaesis brings a unique perspective on DataOps tailored to the needs of financial services – with an emphasis on quality, lineage and the application of DataOps to complex and high volume information.

Mango Solutions Partnership

Posted by Emma McMahon on 11 September 2018
Mango Solutions Partnership

We are delighted to announce that we have just signed a partnership agreement with Mango Solutions. This heralds some very exciting developments for us and we look forward to utilising their Data Science expertise in some upcoming projects so keep your eyes peeled for further developments!

Simon Trewin, Director of Kinaesis, welcomed in the new partnership by saying, “We are very pleased to welcome Mango Solutions as a partner. We are looking forward to working with them to enhance Kinaesis solutions delivery capability.”

A representative from Mango added that: “We are delighted to formalise the partnership with Kinaesis. As Financial Services companies continue to embrace a data-driven approach, working with Kinaesis, consultants with deep domain knowledge and trusted relationships, is a logical and complimentary next step for Mango Solutions.”

We would like to take this opportunity to officially welcome them as our Partner.

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