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Kinaesis End-User Computing Reform : Control and migrate your estate

Posted by Allan Eyears on 18 June 2020
Kinaesis End-User Computing Reform : Control and migrate your estate

In a recent poll conducted by our partner ClusterSeven, 54% of respondents indicated that they had no single inventory of their End-User Computing (EUC) artefacts and 74% said that their C-suite had limited understanding of the risks posed by EUCs. There are many well documented cases where spreadsheet error, in particular, has led to significant material loss - JP Morgan’s VaR modelling being a good example.

We know that existing IT infrastructure doesn’t always include the right data or timescales for delivering new functionality, so we leverage our DataOps methodology to blend governance with migration supported by our Kinaesis Clarity cloud hosted analysis and data extraction software. Furthermore, we partner with ClusterSeven and use their cloud hosted tooling to provide deep insights into the most complex EUCs.

To demonstrate our approach we would like to offer you a free assessment of how our cloud hosted tooling can be used on one of your existing Excel spreadsheets. This offer is limited to the first five respondents before 26th June.

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