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Our mission is to help our clients to get the most out of their data and analytics through DataOps services and products..

Simon Trewin and Allan Eyears founded Kinaesis in 2011 after working together at Citi from 2006 to 2010. During this time they delivered innovative data management solutions for a demanding global trading business, re-pricing thousands of complex trades which generated in excess of 250 million data points per day. This was further complicated by the fact that there was an overnight processing window of just a few hours before making results available for detailed analysis by 7am each day. With the financial crisis in 2008, came further demand for calculation models to be updated weekly and in a structured and governed way. The flexibility engineered into the metadata driven relational database and ETL solutions allowed for rapid automation of testing and release processes, along with the ability to quickly iterate the data technologies. These experiences led to the foundations of the Kinaesis DataOps principles and practices being laid down. By late 2010 it had become clear that the value delivered at Citi would be beneficial to many other businesses that struggle with data challenges and as a consequence Kinaesis was formed. Since then they have helped organisations to deliver data management projects more quickly and with a higher success rate whilst at the same time helping to transform organisations through training and skills transfer. By developing this methodology into their DataOps six IMPACT pillars and offering products to accelerate the time to value, Kinaesis continues to support organisations in realising their data driven goals.

“ Kinaesis immediately brought a step change in expertise and experience that turned around strategy and delivery. ”

Head of Finance IT, leading global bank

“ Kinaesis helped us rapidly improve our delivery capability and technical infrastructure whilst supporting many of our non-technical teams through a period of significant change. ”

Solutions client